Reading Café

Welcome to our article! Today, we want to talk about our cool reading experience in our own reading café.

Picture this: Sitting in a nice café with relaxing music, getting lost in amazing stories and adventures. We are snacking on treats and drinking cocoa while reading mini books, which we folded, stapled and taped ourselves, on different topics and different levels. We even have (fake 😉) dollar bills to buy the yummy snacks and cocoa. After each book, we create something fun, like a poster or a review to show what we think about the book. For each book we also write down three new words in our little yellow vocabulary booklets.

Through the combination of reading, eating and being creative, we make learning English more fun and cozy. So grab a cocoa, a mini book an dive into the world of words in our English reading café!

On this Padlet you can find many products that we created after having read a book.

Rümeysa & Helin Ela (6b)